1. Standing vegetation must not be damaged.
  2. Fires must be lit in such a manner that they don't damage standing vegetation and that they don't spread; fires must be extinguished on departure.
  3. No person may deposit litter any where in the conservation area.
  4. All visitors must keep to the authorized roads and tracks.
  5. All persons must remain in their vehicles within 200 metres of any wild animal.
  6. All persons must obey the instructions of the conservator and his staff.
  7. All visitors unless accompanied a licenced guide must take an official guide when entering the crater.
  8. All visitors enter any part of the conservation area at their own risk.
  9. Speed limit within the conservation area is 50 kph.
  10. Speed limit in the crater floor is strictly 25 kph.
  11. Off road driving in the crater is strictly prohibited.
  12. All special campsites must be booked in advance.
  13. No person may drive or travel in a vehicle in the crater other than a 4-Wheel vehicle.
  14. Please read the information found behind your entry permit.